Links: Short Story Markets for Writers

These are links I’ve come across in my own research, as well as a few I found on other lists like this one. There are quite a few, and the list will be growing; bear with me as I learn how to make access and scrolling simpler. Be sure to read and follow each magazine’s submission guidelines! (If you find a magazine that is out of production, or broken links, please let me know!)

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NOTE: Most markets I’ve come across say you should read their magazine before submitting … a lot easier to do if they offer sample articles online. Not all of them do. Sometimes you have to buy a sample copy.

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2 Elizabeths — A literary magazine with a heart for community. Accepts short fiction, flash fiction and poetry; pays $50 for short fiction and $20 for flash fiction or poetry. $5 submission fee through Submittable. Runs occasional contests.

Abyss and Apex Zine — speculative fiction of all sorts. Accepts by e-mail only. CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS UNTIL 2018. No simultaneous submissions. Stories up to 10K words. $75 flat rate for stories longer than 1250 words. Pays 60 days after publication.

Agni — Print, paying magazine. Also has Online component; accepts unsolicited submissions between 9/1 and 5/31. No prepublished work. (2-4 months wait time). $10/page prose, $150 max, along with subscription. Submission Form. Simultaneous submissions ok. Literary fiction; good samples online.

Aliterate — genre literature. Biannual print journal dedicated to literary genre fiction. Pays 6¢/word.

Allegory Ezine — Looking for “good, solid fiction.” Sci-fi, fantasy, horror, but will consider other genres. See website for do’s and don’ts. Pays a flat rate token fee of $15 per story. No minimum or maximum word count, but anything less than 1,000 words and stories over 5,000 words will be a hard sell. Pays on publication. Simultaneous submissions okay. Publishes 3X per year with set submission periods.

American Chordata — A biannual magazine of fiction, nonfiction, essay and poetry, as well as art and photography. Seeks “work that is brave, illuminating, and emotionally detailed.” Doesn’t mention payment. Submissions accepted through Submittable.

Analog — Sci-fi. Analog; pays 8-10¢/word for short fiction up to 20K words, 6¢/word for serials (40-80K words); “Basically, we publish science fiction stories. That is, stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is so integral to the plot that, if that aspect were removed, the story would collapse.”

The Antioch Review — Wants “a story worthy of the serious attention of the intelligent reader, a story that is compelling, written with distinction. 5K words.

Apex Magazine — pays 6¢/word up to 7,500 max. Dark sci-fi and fantasy. Samples online. Wants exclusive submissions. Responds in 30 days.

Asminov’s — pays 8-10¢/word up to 7500 words, 8¢/word over that; “In general, we’re looking for ‘character oriented’ stories, those in which the characters, rather than the science, provide the main focus for the reader’s interest. Serious, thoughtful, yet accessible fiction will constitute the majority of our purchases, but there’s always room for the humorous as well. SF dominates the fiction published in the magazine, but we also publish borderline fantasy, slipstream, and surreal fiction. No sword & Sorcery, please. Neither are we interested in explicit sex or violence. A good overview would be to consider that all fiction is written to examine or illuminate some aspect of human existence, but that in science fiction the backdrop you work against is the size of the Universe.”

The Arcanist — A new Medium-based literary magazine focused on fantasy and sci-fi flash fiction. 1,000 word limit. Pays $50 per story. Multiple submissions (up to 3 at a time) okay.

The Atlantic — Interested in great fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Read the magazine to know what they want. No mention of payment; huge bragging rights. Open to submissions from September 1 through May 31.

Barrelhouse — Nonfiction and book reviews up to 8K words. Pays $50 and two contributor copies. Simultaneous submissions okay.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies — Pays 6¢/word up to 11K words. NOT sci-fi — Fantasy ONLY. Accepts simultaneous submissions IF you say so up front and tell them the MINUTE you get accepted elsewhere. Samples online. Response time up to 7 weeks.

Black Dandy — If you’ve ever finished reading a story and thought, “Well, that was unusual,” then you’re only a block away from Black Dandy. In this corner of the neighbourhood, we’re looking for fiction that grips readers with vivid characters under unusual pressures. Bizarre, dreamy, unsettling. Pays .06/New Zealand Dollars per word. No simultaneous submissions. No multiple submissions.

Black Warrior Review — Literary journal produce by graduate students in the U.S. Reads general fiction and nonfiction from December 1 to March, and from June 1 to September 1. Wants stories that take risks and challenge conventions of narrative, language, form and genre, work that pushes against the real, that dismantles the world and rebuilds it better. Futuristic stories, radical envisionings, lyrical, magical. Make them rethink. Make them feel. Especially seeks writers of color, queer and trans writers, disabled writers, immigrant writers, and other groups whose voices have been long silenced. 7K word limit. Pays a one-year subscription and a nominal lump-sum fee for works they publish.

The Book Smugglers — Wants diversity in worlds and characters, and from a variety of writers; they “love subversive stories” that “challenge the status quo” with characters, storytelling techniques and themes. Middle-grade, Young Adult and Adult audience submissions are welcome. For short stories: 1500-17,500 words; pays .06/word up to $500. For novellas: 17,500 to 40,000 words; payment options worked out between publisher and writer dependent on many factors. Currently (as of 8/13/17) closed to submissions.

Boulevard Magazine — Fiction, poetry, non-fiction. Encourages non-published writers with exceptional promise to submit their best work. Open to submissions 10/1 through 5/1. $3 fee to submit online. No fee to submit by post. 8K word limit. No sci-fi, westerns, horror, romance or children’s stories. Minimum pmt $100; Max $300. (3¢/word) A sample print issue is $10/annual subscription (3 issues) is $16. Digital single issue is $6.99/ annual is $12. No samples available on their website.

Broken Pencil — PRINT, PAYING Canadian Magazine of fiction and nonfiction; alternative and indie culture; short fiction up to 3K words. Pays $30-$300.

Cafe Irreal— maximum unsolicited short fiction is 2K words. Pays 1 cent per word. No simultaneous submissions.

Carve Magazine — offers online submissions and select submissions to their premium print edition. For online submissions, they use a service called “Submittable”, which charges $3. Snail mail submissions are free with a SASE and cover letter. Pays $100 for fiction. They do offer feedback on a few declined submissions, and also offer an editing service for full professional critique from the editor. Short stories are all published online, free.

Cincinnati Review — For fiction: “looking for work that has energy, that has complication (which is different than obfuscation or confusion); I’m looking for work that, whether it’s realistic or surrealistic, is rich in language and plot and structure. Work that stands out. Work that’s not just ecstatic, but that makes its reader feel ecstatic, too.” Also accepts nonfiction and poetry. Open to submissions between August 15 and March 15. Up to 40 double-spaced pages. Pays $25/page for prose.

Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine — Looking for “Sword and Planet” and “Raygun Romance”; “Dashing heros performing daring feats in exoitic locales is a must, scientific accuracy is not. “Planet Romance” is also good — same as above but without the swords. Heroic Fantasy is also welcome — “heroes performing daring and/or clever feats…typically more focused on the deeds of a single character.” Pays .02/word up to 2500 words, then .01/word after. 2000-7500 words.

Clarkesworld — sci-fi, fantasy, horror. Pays 10¢/word up to 5K words; 8¢/word after that. 16K max word count firm. Wants exclusive submissions; response time up to 2 weeks.

Colorado Review — short fiction and personal essays with contemporary themes. no genre fiction. Prefers range of 15-25 manuscript pages. Previously unpublished. Pays $200 for short stories and essays, plus two copies of the issue in which they’re published and a one-year subscription to Colorado Review.

Compelling Science Fiction — science fiction. Pays 6¢/word, 1K-10K words. They really don’t want negative fiction, or anything dystopian. Wants upbeat, positive, encouraging.

Conium Review — Open reading period from 1/1 through 4/1. Outside that time period, submissions require a $3 donation to Conium Review. Accepts fiction. Up to three flash fiction pieces (<1000 words), two short stories or one novella (>15,000 words). Previously unublished. Simultaneous submissions okay, but withdraw if accepted elsewhere. Paid in comp copy. Wants innovative writing, stories that take risks. Experiment with character, structure or theme. “Get weird with it.” Submissions through submittable.

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores — Wants well-written original stories in sci-fi, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch. Accepts written, podcast, video and/or graphic story forms. Cares about character, plot, ideas, storytelling. Hard sells include monsters. From 1,000 words on up, but shorter pieces will be favored. Pays .06/word for new fiction, .02/word for reprints. Also offers comments on your story, if requested. Specific open submission dates. Check the website.

Crazyhorse — Open to all narrative styles and forms. Always on the lookout for something they haven’t seen before. Wants a story they won’t be able to forget. 2,500-8,500 words. Simultaneous submissions okay, as long as you let them know if your submission is accepted elsewhere. Pays $20 per page of layout, max $200.

Crime Syndicate Magazine —  Pays $25 per story. “We do funny. We do sexy. We do thrilling. We do violent. We do mystery. We do private detectives (though not all that often, unless they blow us away with uniqueness). We don’t really do magical, or fantastical to any significant degree, by which we mean we don’t want animal characters or wildly unrealistic stories. We love pulp. We like crime fiction that blends with aspects of other genres but make sure it is clearly still crime fiction.” 2500-5000 words. No previously published works. Simultaneous submissions is fine, but let them know immediately if your story is accepted elsewere. No multiple submissions. One at a time please.

Crimson Streets — Pays 1 cent per word. Pulp fiction. Focuses on action and atmosphere over characterization. Adventure, aviation, detective/mystery, fantasy, hard-boiled, gangster, horror/occult, masked vigilante, noir, railroad, romance/spicy, and war genres. No sci-fi. No westerns. 800-6,000 words.

Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts — Literary excellence with an edge. No reading fee for regular submissions (but they also participate in the Lorian Heminway contest, which does have a fee). Specified reading periods. Pays in contributor copies, except for contests. 6-8 month response time! Looking for very specific types of work.

Daily Science Fiction — SHORT!!! sci-fi, fantasy, slipstream, more. Max 1500 word count. Pays 8¢/word. Wants exclusive submission; response time up to 4 weeks.

The Dark — horror and dark fantasy. 2K – 6K words. online. pays 3 cents/word up to 6K words for first world rights. 24 hours to 30 days response time. No simultaneous or multiple submissions. Submit via e-mail to as .doc or .rtf attachment; include bio in cover letter.

December Magazine — General submissions open from 10/1 through 5/1 (except during holidays?). Only unpublished works. NO SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSIONS. Poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction. $10/page ($40 min, $200 max), and two contributor copies.  (3¢/word)

Deep Magic — Bi-monthly electronic magazine that publishes CLEAN short fiction in fantasy and sci-fi genres. 1,000-40,00 words; pays .08/word up to 5,000 words, .06 after that with payment capped at 16,000 words. Must have some magic or cool technology in it.

Diabolical Plots — Looking for science fiction, fantasy, horror; everything must have a speculative element. 3,500 words or less, firm. Pays .08/word on publication. Does accept up to two submissions per author per submission window. No simultaneous submissions, please. Reads submissions blind.

Fantasy and Science Fiction — Looking for stories that will appeal to science fiction and fantasy readers; SF element should be present, even if it is slight. Up to 25K words. No simultaneous or multiple submissions. Pays 7-12 cents/word.

Fireside Fiction Company — Kickstarter-funded short-story magazine. Great ethical standards! Pays 12.5 cents/word. 4000 max word count. No exceptions. Open to submissions during set periods only. Uses backing of Patreon supporters to stay in operation, to publish more and longer stories, and to raise rates even higher. Any genre, but they do have a very explicit list of “Don’ts”, most of which include ethical issues.

Gamut Magazine — Seeks neo-noir, speculative fiction with a literary bent, edgy fiction that straddles the line between genre and literary fiction. 500-5K words. Pays 10¢/word. Simultaneous submissions okay as long as you let them know. Multiple submissions in the *same category* are not. Closed to fiction for 2017; check their site for 2018.

The Georgia Review — Read the magazine to see what they like. Open to submissions from August 16 through May 14. Can be as long as 60 pages in the magazine. Pays $50 per printed page.

GigaNoToSaurus — publishes one story each month. Pays $100 per story on acceptance. From their guidelines page: “Science Fiction or Fantasy (or any combination thereof) from 5,000 to 25,000. We could wax eloquent describing the kinds of stories we like, but it wouldn’t be useful; there are dozens of things we don’t know we like until we try them.  Send us that story you really believe in–the one, maybe, that quickly ran out of places to submit it to because it’s so long. We actively seek a variety of settings, styles, viewpoints, and backgrounds.  This includes but is not limited to cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, and genders.”

Glimmer Train — Literary fiction. Pays $700 and 10 print copies for a standard submission, and up to $3,000 for contest submissions (they have four per year). Simultaneous submissions okay if you let them know if the story is accepted elsewhere. $2 reading fee, which helps to pay the writers. For standard: up to 12K words. Submissions accepted twice each year before 5/31 and 11/30.

Hunger Mountain — Journal for the Arts, published by the Vermont College of Fina Arts. One printed issue per year; online content changes regularly. Offers four annual contests. General submissions accepted May 1 through September 15. No mention of pay. Submissions accepted through submittable ($3 fee).

Iowa Review — literary magazine. Accepts submissions through submittable. Will begin publishing two novels per year starting in 2018. Must be previously unpublished. Other submissions accepted in September, October and November only. $4 submission fee to cover administrative and IT costs. Founded and edited by the faculty, students and staff of University of Iowa. Pays 8 cents per word ($100 minimum)

IRON HORSE Literary Review — Paying, Print Magazine. Litarary, poetry, etc.

NEW!  Kaleidotrope — Speculative fiction. They lean toward sci-fi, fantasy and horror, but will read compelling stories that blur these lines or fall outside the neat boundaries of categories. Also accepts poetry, artwork, and occasional non-fiction. Pays $.01/word. Open reading period from January 1 to March 31. No simultaneous submissions.

The Lovecraft Ezine — Prefers stories under 5,000 words, but may accept longer stories for serial publication. From their site: “The Lovecraft eZine wants well-written, original Lovecraftian and Cthulhu Mythos fiction. While we enjoy and appreciate pastiche, best read works will feature an original voice and new takes on old themes, not simply mimicking Lovecraft’s style” with themes of “Cosmic horror, the discovered knowledge of the unnameable terrible things behind the curtain of reality, etc….Hopelessness. Isolated and old locations. Unanswered questions about reality.” Pays $50 for stories over 3,000 words; $25 for shorter stories, poetry or flash fiction.

The Masters Review — Publishes anthologies. “New Voices” category open to any new and emerging author who has not published a work of fiction or narrative nonfiction of novel length. 5K word limit; pays 10 cents/word up to $200. Multiple submissions acceptable. Simultaneous submissions acceptable. Free.

NEW!  Metaphorosis — Metaphorisis is a magazine of science fiction and fantasy. We offer intelligent, beautifully written stories for adults. Pays 1 cent/word on acceptance up to 10,000 words; prefers 1,000-6,000 words. Supported through Patreon. Offers feedback on request. Extra points if your world is vegan! No reprints. No multiple submissions. Simultaneous submissions okay. Anonymous review process.

NEW!  Mithila Review — An international speculative arts and culture magazine. Fiction, poetry, reviews, discussions, and more. Supernatural, fantastical, futuristic, and more. Pays $50 for original stories between 4,000 and 8,000 words, $10 for essays and flash fiction (under 2,500 words). No multilple submissions.

The New Yorker — Site doesn’t say what kinds of short stories they want. Read the magazine for ideas. No mention of payment, but huge bragging rights.

OneStory, Inc. — 501(c)(3) literary publisher committed to supporting the artform of the short story and the authors who write them. One of the largest circulating literary magazines in the country. 3K-8K words, any style or subject as long as they’re good. Wants stories that leave the reader satisfied and are strong enough to stand alone. Pays $500 and 25 contributor copies.

Over My Dead Body! Mystery Magazine — Publishes a wide variety of mystery-related manuscripts, from cozy to hardboiled and everything in between. We don’t discriminate on the basis of content, subgenre, or author recognition. 500+ words for nonfiction; 750-4,000 words for fiction. Pays 1 cent per word for fiction; $10-25 total for unsolicited nonfiction.

Persistent Visions — From their Submissions Guidelines: “Persistent Visions is looking for fresh fiction that skirts the edges of reality, pushes the boundaries of people we could become, and has an updated, innovative perspective on the people we will become. We’re looking for edgy, raw, unconventional, difficult, speculative fiction stories. You can pluck our heartstrings, but make it a tune we’ve never heard before.” Wants diverse cast of characters, stories that challenge conventional assumptions. Pays .07/word. 7,500 max word count; flash fiction will be a hard sell. Pays on acceptance.

PIF Magazine — Looks like a literary, artsy mag. Wants “macro-fiction”, 2K words or less. There is no mention whatsoever about payment of any kind on their submissions page.

Ploughshares — PRINT and ONLINE PAYING LITERARY REVIEW–of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction published 3 times a year at Emerson College. Literary market. Pays $45/page, max $450, plus two contributor copies and a one-year subscription.

Ruthless Peoples Magazine — No specific genre; looking for the odd, uncategorizable story. Quirky website; made me laugh, especially the submissions guidelines page. Wants flash fiction — under 1000 words. Pays $100 per story.

Sanguine Press — Sci-Fi, fantasy and horror by and about People of Color. Characters must be predominantly People of Color. Submissions are welcomed by everyone, but authors and artists who are People of Color will be given first consideration for publication. Themed semi-annual e-zine. 3,000 words max. Pays $120 per story. No simultaneous or multiple submissions. No reprints. Response time may be long.

Shimmer Magazine — Pays 5¢/word. Wants “excellent fiction across lines of race, income, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, geography, and culture, and therefore encourages submissions of diverse stories from diverse authors. This includes, but is not limited to: people of color, LBGTQIA, women, the impoverished, the elderly, and those with disabilities. We are not interested in acquiring fiction that denigrates or perpetuates stereotypes of the above groups.”

Slice — From their “About” page: Slice aims to bridge the gap between emerging and established authors by offering a space where both are published side-by-side. In each issue, a specific cultural theme becomes the catalyst for articles and interviews from renowned writers and lesser known voices alike. Along with these pieces, we publish fiction and poetry that isn’t bound by the theme—we simply look for works by writers who promise to become tomorrow’s literary legends. Submit short fiction, nonfiction and poetry during their open reading period, October 1 through December 1; they don’t want experimental or “heavy-handed genre fiction.” Each issue is themed. Read the magazine to get a sense of what they want. Pays $250 for stories and essays, and $75 for poems.

Southern Review — Literary journal. Pays $25/page up to $200.

Spinetingler Magazine — Spinetingler publishes stories that could, within the broadest definitions of genre possible, be categorized as crime, mystery, thriller, suspense or horror. Stories should be 1500-5000 words in length. Stories less than 1500 words receive no payment. $25 for published works.Will not accept works that can be seen as promoting discrimination.

Strange Horizons — speculative fiction; pays 8¢/word. Can read samples online free. Wants exclusive submissions. Up to 10K words; under 5K preferred. Long list of wants and don’t-wants on their submissions page. 6 week max response time. This magazine also has some very interesting non-fiction articles, such as “Writing Better Trans Characters” (9/28/15). Very useful information.

The Sun — Publishes essays, fiction, interviews and poetry. Favors personal writing, but also looking for provocative pieces on political and cultural issues. Open to just about anything. Surprise them. Pays $300-$1,500 for fiction, $300-$2,000 for nonfiction. Also pays one complimentary one-year subscription to The Sun. No simultaneous submissions. 7,000 word limit. Read the magazine before submitting. (Free sample online)

NEW!  Third Flatiron — Science fiction, fantasy, anthropological fiction. Light horror is acceptable provided it fits the theme. Wants stories that revolve around age-old questions and have something illuminating to tell us as human beings. Publishes four themed anthologies each year. Short stories should stay between 1,500 and 3,000 words (inquire, if longer). Flash humor pieces should stay around 600 words. No simultaneous or multiple submissions. Pays .06/word

The Threepenny Review — Open to submissions from January 1 through June 30. Stories and memoirs up to 4K words. Read the magazine to know what they want. Pays $400/story.

Tin House —  Literary fiction. Unable to find any mention of pay. I also see no way to submit work, but I’ve read elsewhere that they do.

Virginia Quarterly Review — Open to submissions during July. Wants fiction or literary fiction from 2K to 8K words. Not interested in genre fiction. Also accepts nonfiction from 3,500 to 9K words. literary, art, cultural criticism, travel essays, etc. Read past issues of the magazine before submitting. Simultaneous submissions okay as long as you let them know if your submission is accepted elsewhere. No multiple submissions per reading period. Generally pays $1K+ for short fiction or other prose (25 cents per word). Book reviews run 2K-2,400 words, and are paid at a flat rate of $500.

Weird City Press — Themed “Strange things in dense places.” What’s under the surface in urban settings. Odd pay rate — .01/word for first 2000-3000 words; 1.25/word for next 1500 words; .01/word for next 2000 words; 1-quarter of a cent/word for words above 7500. No online samples to peruse; must purchase an issue to read samples.

Zoetrope All-Story — Small publication, doesn’t look like it pays. But this is the Coppola family, as in Francis Ford Coppola. Zoetrope has discovered numerous emerging writers, and has published big name authors. Publication here could win big points. 7K word limit. Simultaneous submissions okay, but first serial rights and a one-year film option are required.

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