About Me

Who is this Drema person and what is she doing here?

Drema worked as writer and editor for several local periodicals before producing and publishing one for LISTEN Media, a small Mid-Atlantic non-profit. For more than a decade, LISTEN’s outreach worked toward greater interfaith dialogue and understanding. Since its closing in 2010, Drema continues that work in a more limited capacity, guest-teaching occasional classes at Virginia Wesleyan College or Old Dominion University, or giving presentations at local interfaith gatherings.

Today, Drema works as assistant to an attorney in Norfolk, Virginia and is obsessively pursuing a career in writing, both fiction and non-fiction. She is a member of the Hampton Roads Writers Group, a current student at The Muse Center in Norfolk, and lives in Norfolk with her husband and their cat, Smudge (the actual Ruler of the House).

What the Heck is a Smudge?

Smudge (a.k.a. Master, a.k.a. King Smudginator, a.k.a. His Highness) is the sixteen-year-old Ruler Extraordinaire of House Deòraich. His commands can be heard from anywhere in the apartment, but he favors a spot on his kitty condo next to my desk or, when he deigns, my lap. Or anywhere I might be enjoying a snack.

As far as the Master is concerned, this keyboard is Primary Evil, since when my hands are typing, I cannot afford him proper obeisance.